Mother Of 11 Kids Who Lives Off £1,000-a-month Benefits Blasts People Who Judge Her

A mother of 11 kids who live on benefits has blasted those who judge her. She said that her children ‘get the care they need’ and she look after them 24/7.

Bethan and Andy Carter, of Briton Ferry, South Wales, have 11 children in total with nine children at home and are aged between three and 16. Another two have already moved.

Mrs. Carter, 40, juggles looking after their six boys and five girls. She is epileptic and suffers from memory loss because of a cyst inside her brain.

Three of her children are also suffering from epilepsy and have several seizures a week.

Mrs. Carter earlier used to work in a cafe but she had to quit her job when 16 years ago, her son Mark was born. She says she is not ashamed to live on £1,000 benefits provided by government in a month.

She said: ‘People judge me because I am on benefits, but unless you have a severely autistic child you can’t know what it is like.

Source – Media Wales

‘I am happy with my family – I do not care what people say. They are happy and get the care they need.

‘They are loved. I find it very rewarding to be a mum. Being a mum of so many kids is hard but I love it – they are all so loving.’

Her eldest son Mark who is now 16 still lives at home and suffers from distressing seizures.

His mother added: ‘When he fits, he just collapses and, when he comes out of a fit, he screams. He can not handle the little ones and likes being on his own.’

With two washing machines, there was washing on all the time.

She said, ‘Time flies and before you know it is bed time again. After dinner, they just play – there are toys everywhere.

‘I try to get them to sleep by 8pm or 9pm. I am up until midnight or 1am doing things around the house.

‘It is hard work to have that many children, but they are happy and they are very close to each other. I am happy I got sterilised but I do not regret anything.’

Source – Media Wales

She went on: ‘I get breakfast and all the medication ready – there are a lot of meds in the morning and at night and I have to make sure everyone has their own medication,’ she said.

‘I put their clothes out the night before and a lot of them dress themselves but not all of them.’

She further said: ‘Then it is dinner time. I can not cook so I just try to make things quickly like beans or sausages.

‘I try to have dinner ready shortly after they get back from school. If it has been a long day and it is getting late, we will get a KFC or a McDonald’s.’

The family said that they eat fast food once or twice a week with each meal costing up to £35.

Mrs. Carter said, ‘We get frozen food mainly because it is cheaper and more convenient. It is what they want.’

She added: ‘It is not enough. I could take them all to town and spend £200 just on shoes for all of them.

Source – Media Wales

‘We do not have any savings – all we have goes on them. We spend all year saving for Christmas.’

She also said: ‘There are little breaks for the family as they never go on holidays, partly because Mark doesn’t like it.

‘If we go anywhere, we go somewhere for the day – normally Porthcawl,’

Mr. Carter also added: ‘I like having that many kids, it is always busy – it is non-stop. People can judge me as much as they want but I do not care.’

‘I am worried the ceiling could collapse any time. It is not secure at all how it is now – it is going to cave in the moment it rains even a little bit.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal