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Mother Issues a Warning To Raise Awareness After Daughter Suffers 3rd Degree Burns Due To Huggies Nappies

Source - Michael Free

Gemma Free, from Barnsley in the UK, claims that her daughter, Sophia, suffered third-degree chemical burns after wearing a Huggies Nappy.

Sophia was put in a fresh Huggies DryNites pull-up nappy at 10.30pm. Eight hours later, her daughter’s skin was red and got ‘worse by the minute’. This incident is an year old. But the story resurfaced when Ms Free got to know about the 23-month-old toddler from Randwick in Sydney whose Huggies nappy exploded leaving dangerous gelatin crystals on his chest.

Ms Free was told that her daughter had suffered from third degree burns after she rushed her to the doctor.

Source – Michael Free

The mother told Daily Mail Australia, ‘Sophia was in a lot of pain as her skin was falling off. She had to have four days off of nursery as she had to be naked because she couldn’t bear the touch of anything on her skin.’

She further added, “We had to stop using pull-ups or any sort of nappy all together as I wouldn’t trust putting one on her again and she wouldn’t let me near her with one.”

Source – Michael Free

Ms Free contacted Huggies after the incident but was disappointed with their response.

She said, ‘We got in touch with Huggies who offered us vouchers and basically fobbed us off time and time again, won’t take any responsibility for it’.

Ms Free and her husband have a support group on Facebook for people who suffered from similar situations.

She said, ‘It’s alarming how many children have suffered due to there products,’ she said.

The company’s investigation into what happened included hiring an independent laboratory which found that an additional solvent that can be found in household toiletries leaked over into this particular packaging.

The spokesperson concluded, ‘As a responsible manufacturer, we have taken all the necessary measures to fully investigate this claim and are satisfied that the DryNites® pants themselves did not cause this reaction.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal