Mother Gets Confused When The Lunch She Packed Was Returned For Being ‘Unhealthy’

A mother of a 2-year-old boy was recently left surprised as well as a bit angry when part of his son’s lunch which she packed was sent back home for being “too unhealthy.” With the growing concern for obesity in kids, a movement is sparked around reducing sugars in school lunches.

However, this particular nursery school took matters way too far.

The mother wrote, “‘I sent my 2.5 yr old son to school with this and the cookies got sent home because they’re unhealthy. There was 3 MINI cookies.”

Source – Facebook/Laura Lee

The comment was in response to a Live story initiated by Plymoth in which teachers discussed the most unhealthy school lunches they had ever seen.

But Laura Lee went in a different direction, and included a photo of the nursery school lunch that she had packed for her toddler:

Facebook/ Cornwall Live

She said that to most, this lunch might look pretty healthy. She further said, as long as the toddler ate some of the rest of the lunch, three small cookies would have been a nicely balanced dessert.

Other parents replied to Laura Lee expressing their shock.

One said, “I work in a nursery and believe me, I have seen some terrible packed lunches in the past! This looks perfect to me!”

Facebook/ Cornwall Live

Others offered their own examples.

Christina Robinson wrote, “That looks great and well balanced. My son’s drink got sent home because it was fizzy, it was sparkling water.”

Source – Little Things

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Written by Anu Bansal