Mother Faces Court Charges After Punishing Daughter With A Wooden Spoon

A mother who hit her child with a wooden spoon on the buttocks has been charged with common assault.

The 35-year-old woman, hit her nine-year-old daughter after she disobeyed her in their Perth home.

The mother saw her daughter eating hamburger meat that she was not supposed to eat and this made her angry.

The mother explained that the meat was meant for the dogs to eat and it had worming tablets inside.

The young girl who has ongoing behavioral issues and ADHD was bruised by the spoon.

It was further revealed by the daughter that her mother who has been a victim of domestic violence used to lock her in her room.

The woman’s lawyer said she had no previous criminal record and she poses no threat to her daughter as the punishment was just a ‘moment of frustration.’ The magistrate has now slapped her with a $750 fine.

The presiding magistrate said in court, ‘You struck your nine-year-old with a wooden spoon and by your plea you accept that the force you used was more than necessary to correct her.’

The lawyer said that he was confident that such actions won’t ever be repeated.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal