Mother Asks If Her Daughter Can Pet Handler’s Service Dog, Refuse To Take No For An Answer

Megan Stoff came with her golden retriever, Nala, in a busy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shopping mall, when she was approached by a mother and her young daughter. They asked her if they could pet the dog.

Megan explained in a now-viral Facebook post, “People ask us all the time, so I just said, ‘No.’ All the dogs are working so it’s my go-to answer.”

So the mother walked and Megan figured it was just another day for her but a few minutes later, the mother came back with her daughter.

She was angry over the fact that Megan was so straightforward in her response and there was no courtesy in her response.

She said that instead of just saying “no,” Megan should have said something like, “No, I’m sorry, they’re training.”

She also said that there should have been some “signs” to dissuade people. However, Nala’s vest was clearly covered in service dog patches.

The woman went to an extent and called mall security on her.

Megan wrote on Facebook, “So much harassment for just saying no. There was no common sense here.”

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal