Most Epic Responses To The “Text Your Boyfriend ‘I Want A Baby’” Challenge

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So the day started just as any other day. You are doing your business as usual. You got a ping on your phone. You saw whose this from. You noticed, “Ah, It’s my sweet-pea.”

Excitedly, you picked the phone saying to yourself, “I wonder what she wants.” You opened the message with thousand possibilities of what it could be about running through your head. Maybe she wants to compliment your breakfast in bed gesture the other day or may be she is about to ask you over for the weekend.

You finally opened the message and read, “I WANT A BABY.”

So there is no context, no explanation to back it up but a simple one liner. It’s as if you are struck by lightening and a million thoughts start to run through your mind. “Where is this all coming from?” “Is it because the other day, I said the neighbor’s baby is adorable.”

Slowly the panic starts to build up. You have no idea how to handle this situation. What if she gets hurt? How to turn her down without being absolutely brutal. You like her a lot but there is no way you are ready for this.

Don’t worry guys. This is just a viral Twitter prank, that was started by @kelllicopter.

Kelly explained to Bored Panda, “My roommate and I were a little tipsy and we were talking about babies. My roommate said ‘I’m gonna text my boyfriend and tell him that I want a baby,’ and I thought it was funny. So I told my boyfriend @joeygllghr that I wanted one too, just to see his response.”

She further explained, “I just wanted to see what boys would say in that situation because sometimes they get a bit squeamish about that kind of stuff. There were a lot of ‘maybe one day’ kind of answers but there were also a lot of funny and unique ones too! I even saw one that was someone asking to play cup pong, just to avoid the question.”

The challenge soon got viral with girlfriends asking ‘the question’ to their friends and started posting responses on social media. Some of the replies went viral and are truly worth reading. We have compiled a list our personal favorites. Have a look below:

Source – Twitter
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Source – Twitter

Source – Bored Panda

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Written by Anu Bansal