Video showing a tiger chase bike rider

A video caught by riders inside Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad in Kerala is now going viral on social media due to one reason – it’s scary.

The video shows two individuals riding on a bicycle inside the sanctuary when one of them sees a tiger pursuing them. For a couple of moments, the animal keeps chasing the bike before disappearing into the jungle at the side of the road. The video was shared on Facebook by Forests and Wildlife Protection Society (FAWPS) – an NGO working towards the protection of forests and wildlife.

According to the Hindustan Times: a moderator from FAWPS said that the people riding the bike were Forest Department officials. They went to patrol the area upon receiving information about a tiger sighting.

Take a look at the video below:

The footage made a significant blend among individuals and them in different comments. While some were concerned about the tiger, there were a few who dropped funny comments.

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Written by Shashank