Heartbreaking Moment When Paramedics Grant This Man His Wish

A father-of-four had one last wish before he could put to rest. And it was granted when his paramedics pulled over so that he could have one last look at the ocean.

Chris Shaw, 45, has been battling from stomach cancer for 14 months before he passed away leaving behind his wife Kylie and four children Emily, 11, Ruby, 9, and Charlotte and Isaac, the six-year-old twins.

No matter how much time is passed, Mrs. Shaw still remembers the kindness of two transport officers who provided her husband with an experience that no money could ever buy them.

Source – Facebook

The officers, Jade and Jesse, were driving Mr Shaw to Currambine, to live his final days at home with peace.

But Ms. Shaw asked the officers if a detour can be taken to Burns Beach so that her husband could ‘feel the sun and breeze on his body’ and ‘feel normal at his favorite beach for 20 minutes’.

Ms. Shaw said, ‘We’re an ocean family and this is our favourite beach. It was the tiniest gesture but it meant the world.’

Source – Facebook

‘They were our angels that day’.

Ms. Shaw further added, ‘We spent so many family moments at that beach. We’d sit down and have a Corona, the kids would run around and we’d watch the sunset.’  to mark the one-year anniversary.

Jade says it is ‘heart-warming and humbling’ to be referred to as an angel. She also said that experiences like these add more perspective to their work and has since changed the way she does her job.

Source – Facebook

Ms Shaw wrote on Facebook that her husband left her a ‘bucket list’ of things he wanted his family to do.

She wrote, ‘Some are easy to do and some a long term, some I have achieved, some I’m working on and some are work in progress. One of those is to try and bring as much awareness about the No Stomach for Cancer charity.’

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Written by Anu Bansal