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Mom reveals how her baby got herpes just by kissing

A baby has been left battling for his life in the wake of contracting herpes from a kiss at his christening.

Noah Tindle was only a month old when his mum, Ashleigh White, saw his right eye had turned out to be swollen blistered and watery.21-year-old Ashleigh contacted a health visitor for advice, who reassured her it was likely just a blocked tear duct.

Days after t Noah’s condition declined, and Ashleigh spotted rankles around her baby’s eye. She rushed him to doctors, fearing it could be herpes, a transmitted infection which can be gone on through cold sores.

Source: Caters news agency

Ashleigh said: I’d read something on Facebook about another baby having the virus and the blisters looked exactly the same. What I didn’t realise is that even if you don’t have an active cold sore, you still do carry the virus in your system and saliva, meaning you can never be too careful.

After some medical tests, doctors confirmed Ashleigh was on right to be worried as Noah had gotten the infection, herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1).

Doctors disclosed to Ashleigh it was likely the infant had come down with the virus through a kiss from an adult, and she quickly attributed it to a christening five days earlier.

Source: Caters news agency

She added: He was only four weeks old. We went to a christening where friends were holding and kissing him – it could have been any of them.

Presently nine months old, little Noah went through 10 weeks in the hospital recovering from the outbreak of the virus. Despite a relapse in March this year, he’s right now recovering well will be on the antiviral medicine until 2020. The tot is lucky his mum realised what was wrong so early, or the result could’ve been fatal.

‘We managed to catch it before it could enter his bloodstream. He couldn’t open his eyes for days,’ Ashleigh said.

This virus is harmless for adults but it can impact to infants. Noah was taken to Sheffield Children’s Hospital where he had antiviral medications intravenously, yet without prompt intervention, the virus could’ve spread to his brain and caused multiple organ failure.

Source: Caters news agency

Ashleigh continued: He spent two hours in theatre for what should have been a half hour operation, because he was so tiny. He was then to be on the prophylactic antiviral for six months. Unfortunately, he had a re-occurrence in March and again went through the same thing, two weeks of intense antivirals and now he won’t be off of his medication until March 2020. We still have a long way to go yet before we’re out of the dark.

Source: Caters news agency

Now this mother is sharing pictures of her baby to raise awareness among other parents and adults, she further added:

I just want to make more people aware of the risks and consequences of kissing a baby, especially a newborn when you suffer cold sores,” she said. It is heartbreaking to see your baby so poorly.

I was lucky enough to catch it in time, and still have my little boy with me today, other parents might not be so lucky. I would do anything to stop other families going through what we did, so please, please, please don’t kiss newborns.

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Written by Shashank