Mom Receives A Marijuana-Theme-Cake After Bakery Misheard ‘Moana’ For Daughter’s Birthday

A woman recently ordered a Disney-themed cake for her daughter’s birthday but what she was far less kid-friendly.

Tammy Davis had requested the bakery to make a cake with Moana on top, as she is her daughter’s favorite character. But the bakery apparently heard ‘marijuana’ and decorated the cake accordingly.

Source – Facebook

Honoring what they assumed was the customer’s request, the shop baked up an ice cream cake that was adorned with a large cannabis leaf. It had a green ‘My Little Pony’ horse on the side.

Source – Facebook

Kensli shared the hilarious mix-up on Facebook. She wrote, ‘So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana (Because really I do).’

‘Well needless to say these people thought she said marijuana.

‘That ice cream cake was still good though!’

The post has since gone viral and has been shared more than 10,000 times, with tickled commenters wanting a cake just like it.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal