Mom of brave little boy born with three holes in his heart finds ab*sive note on car

The mother of a terminally ill child has hit back at the individuals who left a harsh note on her vehicle in a row over a spot.

Emma Doherty had parked in a disabled bay when she took her three-year-old child Bobby to the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. However, when she came back to the vehicle, she was stunned to find a note calling her a “lazy conning b***h”.

The individual who composed the note had clearly observed Doherty convey Bobby, who usually uses a wheelchair, into the hospital because she was running late. Bobby was brought into the world with three holes in his heart and has just undergone 15 operations.

Source: SWNS

The note read: You lazy conning b****. You did not have a disabled person with you! These spaces are reserved for people who need them.

Doherty posted her story on Facebook to spread awareness she wrote:

To the person who put this on my car, which I had put my disabled badge fully on, I’m not angry at your pure ignorance, I’m actually upset with it. How dare you ever accuse anyone of not needing a disabled badge without knowing. I wish you had the balls to say this to my face and I would have told you (even tho I don’t need to explain myself to the likes of you) but I’d have happily said why I have a badge.

I promise to get the stigma away from people with disabled badges who don’t ‘look disabled’. I hope this gets shared and back to you and you will see my son is terminally ill, he’s had over 15 operations, three open hearts, two stomach, lung and diaphragm and countless artery stenting operations and spent half his life on intensive care.

I’m a single mum trying my best to hold it together for my son who’s in and out if hospital. NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE and I hope you regret doing this and learn your lesson!

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Written by Shashank