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Mom left a 5 year old autistic boy at KFC with a note

A single mum abandoned her autistic child inside KFC with a note saying she couldn’t afford to raise him.

The six-year-old kid, whose name has not been given, was discovered wandering around the chicken chain KFC all alone while finishing his meal at Hangzhou Railway Station in China, on Monday, May 13. Police was called to investigate after KFC staff suspected the child had been abandoned. The mum was later captured.

Source: Asia wire

Officer Yao Jianguo said: “I tried to talk to him but he didn’t say a word. He just ate his food and ran around.”

The officers additionally found a note in the kid’s pocket.

Source: Asia wire

Officer Yao added: “[The note] said the boy was autistic, and that the parent could no longer cope with the costs involved in raising and treating him. She hoped a Good Samaritan would take him in or send him to an orphanage.”

The police took the kid back to the police station before sending him to the Hangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute.

Source: Asia wire

His mum named just as Mrs Ye, was most recently seen in CCTV video covering her face with a top while dropping the kid off at the train station KFC. She was tracked to a rental home two days later and detained.

The 28-year-old parent revealed she turned into a single mum when her husband had left the family when her child was only three years of age.

Source: Asia wire

Mrs Ye said she “could no longer live like this”.

Authorities have decided to keep the boy at the city’s welfare institute, where a number of families have already offered to assist with the boy’s living costs.

Source: Asia Wire

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Written by Shashank