Mom Is Tired Of Son Ignoring Her Calls, So She Devises A Plan Forcing Him To Text Her Back

Having teenager kids is difficult. Sometimes it gets frustrated for the parents to get a hold of them while they’re out socializing and partying with their friends.

The effort to communicate is worrisome along with being frustrating especially in the age of distracted driving.

But Sharon Standifird devised a perfect no-nonsense way of getting her sone Bradley to either pick up her calls or call/text her back. This mom from Houston, Texas, is a military veteran and served in the Gulf War. She has even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro but getting her son to pick her calls was the most challenging of all so far and so she decided to her technical savvy to brilliant use.

She did some research and dug into the ins and outs of product development.

Source – Google Play

Within a year, she had created a brand new application and named it “Ignore No More.” The app literally prevents teens from not calling their parents back.

Sharon started using the app on her own kids and it worked like a charm. Soon the app gained attention and gained both critics and fans.

While some find the idea to absolutely brilliant, others believe that it is a little north of the line of control between parents and their teens.

Source – Little Things

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Written by Anu Bansal