Mom hits teenage daughter with a flip flop in a perfect shot during family argument

One mother has recently clearly demonstrated a simple way how to solve the family arguments with a flip flop.

This viral video demonstrates the funny moment a furious mum tosses her flip-flop at her fleeing little girl – and hits her with a mind-blowing long-range shot.

Take a look at the video below:

A random guy with a cell phone recorded an unidentified lady enter the road from behind a vehicle as her girl can be seen running away into the distant during an apparent family row.

The video then shows the mother deftly evacuating her flip-flop and intentionally propelling it at the teenager, who’s by now some 30 meters (98 feet) away.

The video was later shared by a Twitter user @nino_triqui on the online social media, where it’s been totally flying – not unlike the now famous flip-flop itself.

Now, this viral video is having more than 1.3 million views worldwide and 60k likes on it.

Source: Twitter

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Written by Shashank