Mom Catches Her Toddlers All Covered In Butter. Gets Speechless When She Asks Her Toddler Why

Parenting teaches you a lot of things. Some days you are just caring people nurturing your kids and watching them grow every day. But other days, you have to play the role of a detective trying to find the reasons that will explain how your children have gotten themselves under such a mess (like literally).

This Michigan, Jodi Hargraves found herself in a similar situation when she found her two children all covered in butter.
The last time she saw the two boys, Mason, 2, and Jaxson, 3, they were simply watching a movie in their bedroom.

She decided to go collect the dirty laundry from another room when her husband called out to her and told her that he had a phone interview. Next thing you know, she found her boys covered in butter.

Hargraves says, “I honestly didn’t know how to react.”

As you can see in the video, she started her inquiry by starting with her diaper-clad tot. Not only his hands and arms but he had butter all over his face too. His hair, in particular, was fully saturated in it.

She asks her toddler, “What is that?”

To which he explains that it was butter.

She further questions,  “And since when does butter go in your hair?”

“Yeah,” Jaxson said.

Mason jumps in and says, “Jaxson put butter in his hair.”

His mother then notices his dirty hands and asks if he’s the one that put the butter into Jaxson’s hair.

Mason defending himself says, “Noo!”

“Where did you put the butter?” she asks.

He pointed towards the fridge to which she explains that that’s where he got the butter from and not where he put it.

Then it was time for the big question again.
“Why is there butter in your hair?” she asks Jaxson.

He then explains to his mother that he wanted to make pancakes. Controlling her laughter, she gently explained to her kids that pancakes are not made from butter.

Then her questioning continues.

She asks, “So where did the butter go?”

The final revelation was too much. The butter now in their bedroom and was all over their bed. She never could find out why Mason “washed his hair” with butter.

But the conclusion was pretty simple that it was now time for a bath.

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Written by Anu Bansal