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A trio of men were captured erupting into a fiery brawl

A trio of men was caught erupting into a fiery brawl that saw one sham his shirt and thumps out a fellow reveler on the Mediterranean hotel town of Ayia Napa.

The battle was captured on camera by a neighborhood who said party-goers getting into a punch-up was a nightly occurrence on the festive resort town in Cyprus. Video of the incident shows one of the men get so enraged he tears off his short, slapping the two other men and punching one totally silly.

Take a look at the video first:

The man, who witnesses claimed was an MMA warrior, was in an argument with two other young men, when things appeared to rapidly escalate. The shows that the man, who is of a shorter, stockier form than the two other men, is quiet first. But in a sudden burst of rage, the cage fighter is seen ripping off his shirt before he lunges at the duo.

He figures out how to deliver a slap to each of their faces simultaneously before delivering a hefty punch at one of the men. The power of his punch sends the man, wearing a white shirt – into an unconscious heap on the floor. The video of the incident has already racked up more than 492,000 views, 5,600 likes and 12,100 shares on Facebook.

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Written by Shashank