Mother-In-Law Offers To Pay For Couple’s Wedding And Then Presents Them With A Pre-Wedding Gift

We have all heard stories of mother- or fathers-in-law who sometimes get just a wee bit demanding in their kid’s wedding especially when they’re paying the bills. One future bride on Reddit learnt about this reality the hard way when future mother-in-law asked the couple to sign a contract that stated that they would only have one child.

Even though the bride said she needed a simple wedding her big day was totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As the bride explained in her Reddit post, she was surprised when her fiancé’s mother volunteered to pay for the whole wedding.

Source – Reddit

She wrote, “She’s mainly the one who wanted it to be a large affair anyway.”

But as the wedding date continued to inch closer, her MIL presented them with a pre-wedding gift that left them both shook.

She wrote, “MIL suddenly presented us with a contract stating that I am only allowed to have one child and must immediately get on contraception after his/her birth. I have literally never heard of anyone being in a remotely similar situation to this before and am pretty sure it has no legal standing at all.”

Her MIL did not stop at this. She also gave her and her fiancé an ultimatum that they either sign the contract or she is going to cut off the wedding funds.

The bride continued, “This wedding has gotten extremely expensive (in the hundred thousands), and while we are grateful, the fiancé and I were planning on eloping to begin with since we couldn’t afford it and had no desire to have a large celebration. I’m not even sure I want more than one child but it just seems absolutely INSANE that anyone would have a say in that aside from me and the father.”

Source – Reddit

Redditors were pretty much in agreement of canceling the wedding and eloping for good.

One person wrote, “Cancel it all and walk away. Elope with your SO and do not let her control anything else in your life.”

But when it came to eloping, the bride said that it wouldn’t be so easy.

“I’ve looked into it and cancelling would still mean we’d have to pay for all the things that have been booked already or pay her back for anything that has had a deposit put down,” she explained.

One person advised on this, “Unless it’s in your name I wouldn’t even make the effort. That’s her [expletive] tax. How does your [Future Husband] feel about this dumb [expletive] children ultimatum? Is it possible she doesn’t actually have the $$ for the wedding and is hoping you cancel the wedding so she’s not on the hook for it anymore?”

In a follow-up response, the bride clarified some things about her ‘Mommy Dearest.’

First, she explained that all the contracts for the wedding are in her MIL’s name.

The bride said, “She has been nothing but generous and considerate thus far, so this contract seems extremely out of the ordinary for her behavior. She has never displayed this kind of controlling behavior before and we aren’t sure where it is coming from.”

She further said, “She occasionally makes comments about how she will spoil our child in ways that we cannot, and that she has no problem sending our child to schools and programs that are out of our reach.”

But that she thinks about it, she says there have been some signs that she was capable of something like this …

“She is the type who always has lawyers on retainer if need be,” the bride said, adding that now she’s afraid if they don’t comply with her wishes, she’ll try and foot them with the wedding bill. “She has not yet stated that she will use the court of law against us, but with the contract and everything I’m afraid it is a possibility.”

As for her fiancé? He seems confident that they can find a solution to this.

The bride wrote, “He is as surprised as I am at his mother,” the bride wrote. “But he doesn’t think she could possibly try to uphold the contract in the future.”

In short, he thinks she’ll get over it and “won’t care how many kids we pop out when the time comes.”

She further adds, “He thinks she’ll love them regardless. But I can tell he is a bit nervous about testing her and worried about why she’s acting this way.”

The bride continued, “We’ve never discussed with her in detail how many children we’ve wanted as the fiancé and I aren’t even sure. We cannot think of any reasons why she might want us to limit our offspring. The fiancé and I both have siblings that we love very much.”

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Written by Anu Bansal