Mike Perry Suffers STRONG Nose Breaks In UFC History

UFC welterweight Mike Perry suffered one of the most awful broken noses in UFC history after going up against Vicente Luque.

The 27-year-old lost the match after a hard-battled split decision at UFC Fight Night 156 in Montevideo, Uruguay the last night (August 10) however he’s still the centre of attention in the aftermath as his nose was left looking horrifically warped.

Perry was smacked in the face with a flying knee from The Silent Assassin and it’s very simple to imagine the sickening crunch which would have sounded when his nose was thumped out of its regular position and squashed up towards the warrior’s right eye.

The damage was apparent as the two contenders fell to the mat and blood began gushing from Perry’s face but he demonstrated his determination and still went on to finish the fight.

After crushing his rival’s nose Luque endeavoured a front choke yet Perry figured out how to work himself free and take over top position shortly before the horn sounded to end the third and last round.

Though Perry gave his all, Luque went on to win the bout via a split decision of 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

Close-ups of Perry’s gruesome injury quickly went viral online as UFC President Dana White and the official UFC account shared images of the fighter.

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Written by Shashank