Mexican matador Gored In Face After Bull Knocks Her To Ground

A matador has been gored in the face by a bull after the half-ton creature knocked her to the ground.

Mexican bullfighter Hilda Tenorio was hurried to hospital after serious facial wounds in the Mexican city of Puebla, with astonishing photos demonstrating her face covered in blood.

Tenorio had been confronting the bull on her knees when the incident occurred. She has reportedly since received treatment for the fracture of both her cheekbones as well as her upper jaw.

As revealed by El Universal, this incident happened at the ‘El Relicario’ bull ring as a part of the Puebla Fair festivals.

Video shows the bull, named ‘Querido Viejo’, which interprets in English as ‘My Dear Old Friend’.

Take a look at the video below:

After the incident, Tenorio posted her condition on social media:

I want to thank you all for your messages of support.

My injuries are very serious and I have not been able to sleep all night, sat up in bed because there was no other option. The doctors have said my upper jaw is broken and my cheeks are fractured from my eye socket.

She further added: At least I’ll have a new platinum face, although I wish it was worth more, like the Grammys.

Prior to this incident, Tenorio had looked forward to returning to Puebla, tweeting:

This is reportedly the second time the 32-year-old matador has been gutted by a bull. She reportedly endured a facial injury when she was only 16, as revealed by El Universal, which resulted in her requiring 80 stitches.

Some animal rights activists have taken the opportunity to criticize the controversial tradition of bullfighting, arguing that Tenorio has brought these wounds upon herself.

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Written by Shashank