Men in bear dena story is now having a new twist

The senior medic insists that his 41-year-old patient was never attacked by a wild beast but instead suffered from chronic psoriasis and other complications.

The ‘living mummy’ named Alexander had been close to death in a predator’s lair the Tuva region of Russia, said a report from EADaily news agency.

But the doctor from Kazakhstan said this account was false and the man had not been in Russia nor encountered a wild beast.The news agency and other Russian media reported that a brown bear had stashed the bearded man to eat later but dogs found him and barked until local hunters rescued him from his ordeal, it was claimed.

But key aspects of the story soon unravelled, with background voices in the shocking video revealed as speaking Kazakh not the local Tuvan tongue in the region where the haggard victim was supposedly found.

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Written by Shashank