Massive 5-meter saltwater crocodile Sneaks Up On Man’s Garden But A Barbed Saved His Life

Source - Daily Mail

A five-meter crocodile with blood in his mouth sneaked upon a man who was doing some gardening. The man was shocked when he witnessed a massive crocodile pressed against the fence when he turned around.

A barbed-wire fence and the fact that the crocodile was pretty much full as he had just eaten a calf were the only two reasons the defenseless man is still alive.

Source – Daily Mail

Darwin crocodile expert, Mr. Grahame Webb said that it was highly unusual for a saltwater crocodile to be wandering on land during the dry season.

He further said, ‘Sometimes at this time of year crocs that have moved out during the wet season into little billabongs or soaks, they suddenly dry up and they try to walk back to the river.’

‘They try to push through things, so I don’t know if he’s killed a calf but he could easily do that. If it’s killed a calf, it’s probably dismembered it, grabbed bits and thrown it around.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal