Marvel rushed to hospital after crying too hard at avengers endgame

One Marvel fan in China has supposedly cried so much while Watching the three-hour blockbuster she had to be rushed to the hospital straight from the cinema.

China was the first nation to screen the Disney/Marvel Studios film, which also featured Scarlett Johannson, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper.

Source: BJ News

The 21-year-old Chinese lady, known by a nom de plume Li, was said to be watching the midnight debut last Wednesday in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo.

It was alleged that she cried non-stop throughout the movie.

Doctors at the city’s Mingzhou Hospital said Xiao Li experienced issues breathing when she was brought into the ER by her companions who had been watching the film with her.

Source: Marvel

It was also claimed that her hands couldn’t stop twitching.

Dr Yuan said: After we observed her symptoms, we believed she had been crying and gasping too much, which led to shortness of breath,

She further added (Doctor): she and her team gave Xiao Li oxygen therapy and then put a mask on her face. The patient’s condition improved after a short while, the medic added.

Source: Dailymail

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Written by Shashank