Ohio mans vape battery exploded in his pocket

A man faced a volleyball-sized severely burn on his thigh after an extra battery for his vaping device exploded in his pocket.

Nader Harb, of Cleveland, Ohio, was setting up for the day at the butcher shop he works at when the LGHG2 battery in his right pocket burst into blazes. As per his claim recorded against the battery producer LG Chem, Harb says he ‘actually drop[ped] to the ground, roll[ed], and [put] out the flame’ before he realized it was his vape.

Source: Dailymail

He was rushed off to the clinic, where burn specialists treated him for second- and third-degree burns that took up most of this right thigh. Harb said the occurrence about to kill*ed him, and it was more awful than being kept running over by a vehicle.

Source: Dailymail

According to WKYC Herb said: ‘The pain, I never felt before, ‘I mean, I got cut by machines, I got run over by a car, I’ve never seen pain like this.’

Source: Dailymail

He has now filed a claim against LG, the South Korean company that possesses the battery provider. It is hardly the first case against LG Chem and rivals such as Samsung and WISMEC USA, who also produce e-ciga**tte batteries.

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Written by Shashank