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Man’s Contagious Laughter On Subway Ignites Hilarious Chain Reaction.

Source - Youtube

Public transit is a necessary but boring mode of transportation for millions each day. But there is always a surprise waiting around a corner. It could be dance crew boards or a man starting a dance party. But not all of us can dance no matter how contagious it seems. Keeping this in mind, Coca-Cola set out to find out if what exactly is contagious despite of yawning. Laughing and Happiness is also just as infectious and so Coca Cola set out on this experiment and the results will have you giggling in your seat, too!

In the video, a man boards a commuter train that is jam packed with people.Standing in the middle of the car with earbuds in,he stares at a tablet. Suddenly, he starts to laugh very loud. And then, he laughs harder and louder and just keeps on doing it.

Fellow commuters look at him in a bit of a surprise. But then, as his laughter intensifies, smiles begin to creep across their faces too.

Source- Youtube

Completely unaware of all the staring,he continues to laugh hard and loud for quite a while which soon enough converted the onlookers’ smiles into laughter as well.

Source – Youtube

The laughter and smiles soon spread throughout the entire train car and they begin to laugh hysterically. The then video ends with a simple message: Happiness starts with a smile.

Source – Inspire More

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Written by Anu Bansal