Man Saves Collapsed Fawn On Road, Nail Biting Rescue As Mom Watched Everything From the Woods

Source - Youtube

Fawns are some of the most adorable creatures. The breeding cycle starts in late fall which means whitetail deer fawns are generally born sometime between April and early July.

This YouTube story is back from May 2014, when a man named Steve Knoop found a baby fawn while he was driving down the road that clearly needed help.

As soon as he noticed the crumpled animal, he slammed his brakes and rushed to have a closer look.

The fragile baby was lying on the road and was trying to “hide” itself. Its legs were crumpled beneath its body and from distance, the baby looked like roadkill.

In other words, the legs of the animal were splayed in every direction while its head was lying on the road. Looking clearly surprised in the video, Steve says, “It is breathing.”

In the video, you can see the men discussing what they should do in such a situation. At about 0:45 seconds through the video, Steve and his companion notice fawn’s mother watching everything from the nearby forest.

Realizing that the baby can’t be left there alone. Steve’s companion Paul slowly approaches the fawn, making sure it doesn’t bolt. He then gently scoops up the baby with its limbs which are still bundled underneath its body.

The baby starts to struggle a bit but Paul keeps a good grip on the animal. As soon as he releases the baby, it immediately rushes off to meet its mama.

Since being uploaded online, Steve’s amazing rescue video has been viewed more than 5 million times.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal