Man receives An Intruder Alert On Phone. What Really Happened Is Beyond Adorable

Jose Perez Brunet recently went on a business trip. In the middle of a night, he receives an intruder alert on his phone. He jumped out of bed to see the footage in the camera and know what is going on in his house. What he saw was beyond adorable and made him laughing in aww.

His girlfriend was dancing with his dog in their kitchen.

Jose Perez Brunet from East Hartford, Connecticut, always arms the cameras in his home, when he’s away. An alert is sent whenever a human activity is detected in the ouse and the footage is sent on his phone.

Mr Brunet was on a work trip in Columbus, Georgia. He got the alarm when he was settling down for bed and immediately saw the video message.

The 33-year-old guy was simply amazed to see his girlfriend Keysla Mora, 26, dancing with his Labrador-chowchow-cross.

The dog, called Nina, has her front paws around Ms Mora’s waist as they both boogie around the kitchen in unison.

Nina lets go for some time but then stands again to continue their dance. Both are having such good time with Nina merrily wagging her tail.

Speaking of the incident, Mr Brunet said: ‘Since it was the middle of the night, I got worried and right away looked at the clip sent by the camera.

‘I felt pretty good knowing everything was well at home and they were having a good time.

‘I got a big smile, saved the clip and went to sleep knowing everything was OK.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal