Man found only bean inside Heinz Baked Beanzy

A customer says he was shocked to open a tin of Heinz Beanz to discover only one bean inside.

Steve Smith, 41, purchased a multi-pack of the baked breakfast favourite from Tesco Online and was hoping to cook a quick meal after attending a residents’ meeting earlier this week. But the Conservative local councillor, situated in Bristol, says his meal plans were scuppered when he opened the last tin of the pack, which was loaded with sauce however contained only the one bean.

Source: SWNS

Mr Smith said: ‘I got back late from a residents’ meeting and wanted some food. I poured out the tin and I found one bean. I thought it was funny – but annoying! It was the last tin we had in the cupboard. I had to have scrambled egg instead.’

Source: SWNS

Mr Smith, councillor for Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze, said he eats beans ‘once every couple of weeks’. Overall, a Heinz tin contains 465 beans. Mr Smith posted a video of the find on Twitter and tagged manufacturer Heinz, saying: ‘I enjoy ”bean juice” as much as the next person, but when I opened a can this evening I was hoping for more than one bean.’

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Written by Shashank