Man discovers 700 year old Templar cave just by following a rabbit hole

A tourist who was strolling around in the Caynton Caves, close Shifnal, in Shropshire, made an incredible discovery.

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Michael Scott, from Birmingham, was attracted to the caves since he heard legends and rumors about how the notorious Knights Templar had transformed them into an underground sanctuary in the seventeenth century.

Source: Caters

In any case, the date of the site is questioned, and some official sources deny the Templar link, demanding this is a cave that was built in the late eighteenth or mid-nineteenth Century, which was long after the Templar Knights fell out of power in the area.

While Scott was taking photographs in the forested areas, he came upon a rabbit hole that drove down into the tunnels.

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The inside of the caverns are technically off limits to tourists and visitors, yet there were no signs to tell him to stay away, so Scott started to investigate the territory to perceive what he could discover.

The caves were closed down to guests in 2012 after concerns of vandals and individuals practicing “black m*gic” after dark.

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Scott said that the caves were cramped, and would be hard for an individual of above-average height to climb through there. He even had to crouch down in order to enter some of the chambers.

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According to BBC Scott said: “I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it. Considering how long it’s been there it’s in amazing condition, it’s like an underground temple, I had to crouch down and once I was in it was completely silent. There were a few spiders in there but that was it. It was raining so the slope down was quite sludgy but inside the cave was bone dry,”

Source: Caters

Source: BBC

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Written by Shashank