Major Clue That Miley and Liam Were Having Trouble In Their Marriage From the Start

A recent statement by Rebecca Judd on Miley and Liam’s split proves that the couple was having trouble in their marriage for a long time. She claims that she saw the break-up coming a mile away.

The 36-year-old said on KIIS FM’s 3 pm Pick Up, ‘I don’t really understand why you’re so shocked by it.’

Source – Bec Judd/Instagram

Rebecca further added: ‘Their whole relationship from when they got together more than 10 years ago [has] always been on and off, on and off, on and off.

‘So when you start like that, you’re going to end like that!’

Later in the show, Rebecca and Monty discussed how Miley’s pattern of her posts on Instagram was likely a sign her relationship was falling apart.

Source – Daily Mail

‘A sure [sign] when people are on the rocks, is when they get mad bodies,’ Monty said, to which Rebecca replied: ‘The bikini shots come out… she’s advertising!’

Monty continued: ‘She’s not a bikini Instagrammer either, so it’s only been the past months. I remember noticing it [starting] too.

Source – Miley Cirus/Instagram

‘The first one was her in bed going, “Should I get up and swim or should I not?” And it was her in her bikini. And I remember going, “That’s not [like] you!”‘

‘Out of character! Alarm bells!’ Rebecca responded.

Miley and Liam first met on the sets of The Last Song in 2009.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal