Lisa Vanderpump supports LGBTQ Youth in a Powerful PSA

Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump is using her platform to help save lives.

The business mogul is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and has worked for years with The Trevor Project.

Lisa gave an interview to the DailyMailTV and discussed the cause that is so dear to her heart. She also dropped the bombshell that she would not be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and will also be skipping the reunion.

Suicide has touched Lisa’s life personally when her beloved brother Mark took his own life last year.

Source The Traver Project

Lisa’s new PSA with The Trevor Project is all about bringing awareness.

Lisa said, ‘It’s something that we should talk to our children about, especially our LGBTQ youth. They’re four or five times more likely to take their own lives and that is a statistic that I would say is unacceptable.’

The staggering stats are something that Lisa along with The Trevor Project is working tirelessly to combat by throwing a lifeline to those in crisis.

Source – DailyMail

She says in the PSA, ‘I know how important it is for LGBTQ youth to get the support they deserve. The Trevor Project is always here for you 24/7.’

Last year alone, the organization tended to almost 68,000 calls, texts, and chats from LGBTQ youth in crisis.

Lisa further explained, ‘I think with celebrity, and I use that word loosely, a responsibility comes with supporting your causes.’

Lisa also operates the Vanderpump Dog Foundation which finds loving forever homes for dogs.

She says, ‘I have an understanding [of] the devastation that radiates through a family. A lot of people really feel that they’re at the end of their tether,’ Lisa continued. ‘If you ever get to that position … there’s somebody there that wants to talk to you – and kind of talk you down form the ledge.’

‘Together, we can build a future where every LGBTQ young person knows they are valid, loved, and worthy of dignity.’

Lisa told DailyMailTV that she was grateful that Bravo helped her shine a light on her causes.

In this past season, the 58-year-old star was at odds with the rest of the cast. Her fellow housewives repeatedly accused her of lying to them.

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The debacle began when a rescue pup, adopted by Dorit Kemsley from Vanderpump Dogs, ended up being in a kill shelter after she re-homed it with a friend.

Lisa even took a lie detector test to prove she didn’t leak the story.

‘The reunion is coming up are you going?’ DailyMailTV asked Lisa.

Lisa admitted, ‘The objective of the reunion is to reunite, right? And I have no inclination to reunite with the women who’ve been harassing me for 10 months now.’

She further added: ‘So in all probability, no.’

DailyMailTV asked: ‘Does this factor into what you’re going to do next season? Are you coming back to the Housewives?’

She said, ‘I think they’ve made it pretty impossible for me to go back frankly. So … no.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal