Life Changing Garlic Hack Takes The Internet By Surprise

A garlic hack showing how to peel the cloves of garlic in mere seconds has recently gone viral with people confessing that they never knew this could be so simple.

On Sunday, Twitter user @VPestilenZ shared a quick way to remove all the cloves from the head of garlic, and all it took was a paring knife.

The user wrote while sharing the video, ‘As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled.’

The video shows a pair of hands seamlessly removing each clove of garlic from the peel before placing it into a bowl. For doing what seems to be a tedious task, all it took was inserting a paring knife into the bottom of the clove.

Source – Twitter

It happened quickly and seemed painless compared to other known methods such as shaking the cloves to remove the peel or purchasing a garlic press.

The hack immediately went viral after it was posted on Sunday. The video has since been viewed more than 4.9 million times.

Chrissy Teigen who has written two cookbooks and is famous for using huge numbers of garlic cloves for her recipes even appeared to be shocked by the viral hack.

She responded to the tweet with a lengthy ‘what’ to express her surprise.

People commented on the video calling the hack a ‘game changer’ and a ‘life changing’ hack for cooking all future recipes.

Source – Twitter
Source – Twitter

‘God really should have given us an instruction manual cuz it couldn’t have been this easy to peel garlic,’ one person wrote.

While the other person said: ‘Dawg. The reason I only buy minced garlic is because garlic is too hard to peel. Game changer.’

Source – Twitter
Source – Twitter
Source – Twitter

Twitter users were actually skeptical about the hack. They were wary if the hack was actually as simple as it looked. One person was committed to getting the hack down. Responding to the video, the person wrote, ‘I’m buying 100 heads of garlic today and practicing all night.’

One person wrote, ‘Cut to me stabbing right through the garlic directly into my hand on first try and getting an Uber to hospital.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal