Kindergarten Teacher’s First-Hour-Of-School Routine Makes Ellen DeGeneres Cry

Small acts of kindness happen every single day, but what Sonya Romero does is simply extraordinary.

This grade school teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico, does not stop at anything if she finds any student in need. She makes sure that the kids are provided with food, clothing, and even emergency foster care.

When Ellen Degeneres got wind of this reluctant hero, she knew she had to invite her into the show.

Sonya readily agreed to the invitation and flew to Los Angeles for an informal chat about her life as a teacher. At least that’s what she thought it would be.

But, Ellen planned a surprise for her leaving her confused and in tears. This was just the start of an epic interview.

The teacher explained her first-hour-routine and a simple question she asks her students. The question is now making national headlines and for all the good reason.

“So, I ask my kids if they’ve eaten that morning.”

Not only this, but she also asks them if they need to comb their hair, or brush their teeth or need anything to wear. She spends the first hour of the class every day making sure that her students have their basic needs met.

Sometimes a child needs more. They need a safe place to call home.

Describing one incident that started it all. She told Ellen how one Friday afternoon, Child Protective Services asked her if she would be comfortable watching over a couple of kids for the weekend.

“I said, of course, they’re beautiful children. We had nothing, so I sent my family out to get toothbrushes, jammies, underwear, and brushes.”

That weekend soon converted into a week, then 6 months and she is not officially their foster mom.

As a thank you for all her work, Ellen filmed students at Lew Wallace Elementary School talk about their favorite teacher behind her back.

The video started with a student named Marianna say:

“When we save we love her she says she loves us back.”

He is now in 5th-grade and is no longer in her class but still swings by just to say hi:

“I still visit her, just to like say hi and give her a hug. It makes me feel like comforting kind of.”

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Written by Anu Bansal