Kfc launches plant based chicken

KFC is joining other drive-through restaurants in the chase for veggie lover and vegetarian alternatives. With the desire for healthier eating growing so rapidly, Kentucky Fried Chicken President Kevin Hochman disclosed to CNN the chain is keeping a close eye on the trend.

“We don’t see chicken as the big trend right now,” Kevin Hochman, KFC’s US president, told CNN Business. “But we are definitely looking at it in earnest and meeting with the big suppliers of alternative proteins to understand the market and where it’s headed.”

The requirement for healthier alternatives is definitely out there. To such an extent that different chains, like Burger King, have been taking off meatless menu things.

Whether or not the new plant-based fried chicken later debuts nationwide — or internationally — will depend on customer feedback and how well it performs in the single Atlanta store. The move makes KFC the first chicken chain to jump on the plant-based trend, leading the way for competitors like Chick-fil-A and Popeyes — the latter of which only just introduced its first-ever fried chicken sandwich.

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Written by Shashank