IT chapter 2 will going to be most horrific film of 2019

Bill Skarsgard is best known for playing Pennywise The Dancing Clown, the ultra dreadful in the It horror movie series.

Source: warner bros

As a part of the promo for the second part of It: Chapter 2, the 29-year-old entertainer graces the cover of next month’s CR Men’s Escaping The Decade issue. During the meeting, he revealed how he once drove around Hollywood with the Pennywise The Clown makeup still all over his face. ‘[It was] a metaphor for what the profession of the acting feels like.’

The Swedish boy additionally opened up about his considerations on the profession of acting in America’s celebrity culture. In America, stars are taught to say they are boring, but they don’t expect us to believe them. Acting is a very expensive way of letting that inner child play again.’

Source: warner bros

The youngest of the Skargard characters, which includes sibling Alexander of True Blood fame and their father Stellan, who featured in Good Will Hunting, also got honest in describing himself. ‘[I’m] a bit strange but definitely not an outsider.’

It: Chapter Two hits theaters September 6.

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Written by Shashank