Is Asymmetric Jeans The Next Big Style?

Source - Vogue

Fashion industry has witnessed a lot since its inception.Be it a Denim with a crotch-to-waist fly by Vetements and Lorod! or Tattered thong jeans in Japan! or A jeans leg sewn on another jeans leg by Yajun!

Now a brand new trend has hit the social  media courtesy of Ksenia Schnaider. This Kiev-based designer has come  up with an optically jarring pant: One side is reminiscent of a JNCO and the other side is chicly narrow. The current retail cost is $377.

When asked about this crazy idea, Schnaider said “My partner, Anton Schnaider, said that it was too crazy and no one needs jeans like this, so I abandoned this idea for a couple of seasons. But a few months ago, I realized that at least one person needs such jeans—me!”

Since the jeans made its debut on the social media, many people have taken to Twitter to call out the fashion statement as “freaky.”

Her team wrote about the jeans, “The jeans can surprise and make people smile. They are crazy enough, so I think other items should be all-time classics.”

So what do you think about having this addition to your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below!

Source – Vogue

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Written by Anu Bansal