Instagram Is Undergoing A Major Change And It Will Never Be The Same Again

Source - Daily Mail

Instagram may soon get rid of the number of ‘likes’ on a particular post as part of their attempt to make the site ‘less pressurized.’ The announcement came in last night.

The popular picture sharing platform has been accused of allowing communities which glorify eating disorders and self-harm to flourish.

The company, owned by Facebook, announced it was trialing a scheme in Canada which will make the number of likes under each image hidden.

On Instagram, people can show their approval on posts by pressing a heart icon with the total number of ‘likes’ totted up.

Source – Daily Mail

The Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri said at the web giant’s annual F8 conference, in San Jose, California, ‘We want to make it a less pressurised environment. We want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they are getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time interacting with the people that they care about.’

This move if implemented would be a major upheaval for the social media platform which has managed to create thousands of ‘influencers’ thanks to the huge number of followers they could attract.

Mr. Mosseri stressed: ‘What we aspire to do – and this will take years – is to lead the fight against online bullying.’

The move comes after the suicide of a British teenager Molly Russell, 14. Her family said Molly had become fixated on self-harm images on Instagram.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal