Instagram influencer selling her used bath water for $30

An Instagram influencer Beauty Delphine recently gave her 3.9 million Instagram followers the opportunity to buy her used shower water for $30 a jug.

She posted two photographs, saying she was offering it to any”thirsty gamer boys” out there. The 19-year-old cosplay star has turned out to be popular for her NSFW content where she wears almost no garments and makes ahegao faces — an outward appearance some of the time used in Japanese anime and manga adult content.

According to INSIDER: In June, she made headlines when she told her followers she would make an account on P*rnHub if her photo received over a million likes. But instead of anything s*xual, she actually posted bizarre videos of her stroking stuffed toy co*kerels.

These bottles came with a disclaimer: “This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

She advertised her product by posting videos on Instagram of her playing in the bath and pouring water all over herself. And all the bottles sold out within three days. She also posted a picture on her Twitter as well.

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Written by Shashank