16 Children develops werewolf disorder in Spain

Sixteen kids suffered ‘werewolf syndrome’ after taking contaminated medicine in Spain.

The newborn children have hypertrichosis – hair development all through their bodies -after taking a formula tainted with minoxidil, an alopecia remedy. The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products requested that few batches from Farma-Química Sur SL, a Malaga-based pharmaceuticals organization, be removed from circulation on July 11. The children were given tainted omeprazole, used to treat heartburn and acid reflux, as part of a formula.

Source: AFP

Health sources told El Pais it was noted that when the youngsters quit taking the prescription their hair growth subsided. Guardians have been told to seek medical help if their child has been given the formula and check with their pharmacy if they have purchased an affected lot.

The Spanish organization pulled the first batch off the market a month ago when 13 cases were accounted for. Another three reports were made toward the beginning of this month and another batch of Farma-Química Sur’s medication was pulled from pharmacy shelves. Authorities believe the contamination could have influenced up to 30 Andalusian pharmacies stores and more than 50 batches of the medication.

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Farma-Química Sur has had its permit suspended and can’t produce, import or distribute anything now. The pharmaceuticals organization has a supplier in India and it is accounted for by Granada Hoy, the contamination was made at source. Spanish experts state that the issue is segregated to the formulas for kids and that grown-ups taking omeprazole capsules should not stress over creating ‘werewolf disorder.’

Source: Dailymail

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