In Order To Study Their Digestion, Scientists Fit Cows With Portholes In Their Stomach

An animal rights group has recently taken undercover footage at a French research facility and captured poor cows fitted with plastic ‘portholes’.

The activist group L214 recently posted a video showing animals with devices surgically inserted into their sides. These portholes allow access to scientists to their stomach contents.

Scientists use these devices in order to study the digestion of animals so as make sure that they produce more milk.

Source – Daily Mail

Known as fistulated or cannulated cows, these cows are fitted with a porthole-like device. The hole can be easily opened allowing direct access to the largest of their four stomachs. This helps them optimize and regulate nutrition.

This practice has been in use for decades by the agricultural industry and researchers.

Source – Daily Mail

L214 published clips saying that the footage was shot between February and May. The site belongs to Sanders, one of France’s top providers of animal feed.

Video footage shows the workers with their arms inserted directly into the cows.

Source – Daily Mail

The post said: ‘As citizens, we call on the ministers for research and agriculture to immediately ban experiments aimed at increasing the productivity of animals.’

‘They have pierced a hole into the cows’ stomach so they can regularly access its content. Employees come regularly to open the porthole to deposit food samples or take them out,’ said a video released by the group.

Source – Daily Mail

It further says, ‘The aim is to perfect the most effective form of feeding so the cows produce as much milk as possible.’

L214 had filed a complaint over the ‘illegal experiments and the serious animal abuses’ at the farm.

Source – Daily Mail
Source – Daily Mail

The video said, ‘For Sanders and those involved in intensive livestock production, which is the norm in France, these animals are nothing more than production machines, a basic raw material at our disposal.’

The release of the video has given wind to the debate over the welfare of animals in industrial farming.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal