In just one hour of charging this electric plane can travel for 160Km in just $5

On the off chance that the thought of flying 160 kilometres on simply over $5 sounds weird. Sounds weird Right? Well, it is actually possible through Pipistrel Alpha Electro.

The world’s first serially produced ultra-light flying aircraft with an electric engine, the initial prototype of the Slovenia-manufactured aircraft was launched in 2016.

Source: Marcin Walków


Weighing 300 kilograms altogether — including the 100kg 21-kilowatt-per-hour battery — the aircraft allows an hour of flight, can carry two travellers, is fit for covering around 160 kilometres, and can be charged in approximately 60 minutes.

What sets the $140,000 aircraft separated from other similar aircraft, however, is its 60-kilowatt electric engine. Up until now, 40 of the plane have been delivered for clients crosswise over Europe, the US, and Australia. Right now, the aircraft is primarily being used for flying lessons over the airport.

“The cost of electricity per hour of flight is roughly between $4 and $6, The first charger networks for aircraft carriers like these have recently been established in Switzerland, We’re accruing experience that we can later use to plan instructional flights along the way,” said Krzysztof Będkowski of Pipistrel Alpha Poland.

Source: Marcin Walków

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Written by Shashank