Image shows the horrifying conditions of whales

Nearly 100 whales were k*lled under 500 miles from British shores on the Danish-owned Faroe Islands.

Source: Sea Shepherd/Jam Press

Photographs show the bu*chered whale remains on a shoreline, while another nerve-racking picture shows a d*ad calf inside their d*ad mother. Environmental campaign group Sea Shepherd UK, who took photographs of whaling on the island, said five pregnant whales were also k*lled, bringing the total up to 94.

Source: Sea Shepherd/Jam Press

The chase went on for over 5 hours with boats chasing the pod of whales. The animals are not yet regarded endangered due to the lack of documentation. As indicated by an individual from the Sea Shepherd organization, this is not the first time this has happened this year.

Source: Sea Shepherd/Jam Press

Different pictures caught by the association shows the dumping of the remaining parts of the whales again into the ocean with certain individuals questioning why it happens in the first place.

Source: Sea Shepherd/Jam Press

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Written by Shashank