Husband Passes Away, After 30 Hours ,The Wife Knows It Is Time

Source - Colombia Tribune

Raymond and Velva Breuer are a perfect example of “Wherever you go, I will follow,” and so they follow each other and bid goodbye to this world at almost the same time.

Married for 77 years, the Breuers manage to be together forever as they’ve now been buried together. The couple passed away within hours of each other and hence were laid to rest in the same casket holding hands.

Raymond passed away first followed by his wife Velma who accompanied him after 30 hours.

Source – Colombia Tribune

Before passing, Raymond made a joke with medical staff that the couple might well be put together when they go and it all makes sense now.

Raymond and Velva were childhood sweethearts. Their son Bobby Breuer told Columbia Tribune, “Dad told one of the nurses before he passed, that if they went close together, that they should just be buried together, in the same casket. Jokingly, I think. But other people heard it and we asked the funeral director. Mother was a very small woman, and Dad wasn’t that big.”

Source – Palm Beach Post

The two attended the same one-room schoolhouse in Dawson Township and eventually graduated from the same high school.

The couple tied the knot in 1940 and moved to North Carolina when they retired.

Raymond was 97 and Velva 96 when they passed away.

Daughter Donna Hardin said, “I attribute their sharp minds to reading. They were avid readers, both of them.”

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Written by Anu Bansal