Horrifying Moment: Taxi Driver Swinging A Punch at One Of the Woman Passenger in a daylight brawl

Shocking moment when three young women engage in a daylight brawl with a ‘taxi driver’ before he swings a punch at one of them.

The altercation took place in Walthamstow, East London and was captured by a shocked pedestrian, who shouts: ‘Don’t bang the girls bro! Don’t bang the girls!’

The footage starts with the three females hitting, slapping and pushing the driver before he fights back by swinging a brutal punch at one of them.

The video begins with the driver and the women in the middle of an argument.

The driver then tries to return to his car, but one of the women opens the passenger door sending him into a rage.

He immediately leaps out of the car and starts yelling at her. The enraged woman retaliates by shouting and pushing him.

Both other women join in the fight and they start throwing vicious blows at the driver.

However, all of a sudden the driver punches one of the women straight in the face sending her flying backwards out of the shot.

The women can be heard saying: ‘What have you done? What have you done?’

The clip ends with one of the women grabbing the taxi driver.

The social media is quick to respond to the incident with some speaking up in favour of the driver and others against him.

One said: ‘Sometimes these drivers move mad for no reason. Now I’m not saying she should have hit him but we can only see what’s in the recording not what happened before’.

However, another responded: ‘Nah f*** that the man has every right to fight back’.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal