Hilarious Moment When A Cat Catches Its Partner Cuddling With Another Cat

Source - Youtube Screenshot

No one likes to be their heart broken and being cheated on their partner. This video of a cat cheating on its partner while cuddling with another is caught red-handed and seems to be in so much trouble.

A video has emerged of a cat getting caught in a loving act with someone else.

This hilarious footage which recently got captured shows a black cat and a Dragon Li, a Chinese tabby, got caught cuddling each other.

In the video, one can see the pair stretched out and have their heads as they seem to enjoy this tender moment together.

However, soon their tender moment gets interrupted. Just behind the pair, comes an orange and white cat staring at the pair who are too busy nuzzling each other.

As soon as the Dragon Li notices the orange and white challenger, it immediately breaks its position and bolts in the opposite direction leaving the black cat to deal with its fate.

Confused about a sudden running of its cuddle buddy, the black cat slowly and carefully starts to stand upright to turn around and immediately it gets a tremendous fright.

It’s not clear if the two cats are a couple or not but it seems like the black cat is definitely caught up cheating.

As soon as the black cat realises that it is caught red-handed, it sprints away from the orange and white feline, who soon chases after.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal