Hilarious Moment Captured When a Very Pressurized Pooch Fires Water Like A Squirt Gun From Its Backside

Source - Youtube

A dog is recently caught on camera while firing seawater out of its rear in Australia. This waterlogged canine was swimming off of Avalon Beach in New South Wales.

Once out from swimming, the highly pressurized dog started shooting streams of ocean water capturing the attention of onlookers . The whole scenario left people with gales of laughter.

According to the dog owner, “My puppy was swimming and playing fetch in the water. When dogs swim, water can enter their anal cavity. My dog was standing on a pier barking for her ball to be thrown and as she barked, water squirted from her backside.”

The owner’s camera was already on when the dog decided to relieve himself of all the extra water inside his body. The pressurized dog lets off three quick barks, and started to squeeze out three arcing jets of water.

The video got quickly viral and people are laughing their heart out at this video. Putting laughter aside, this is not the first incidence when a dog’s video pumping water out of its backside has gone viral. There is a scientific explanation behind this phenomenon.

According to, this canine might be suffering from a combination of an anal gland issue and ‘beach diarrhea.’ This is a condition that occurs when dogs drink too much salt water.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal