Hikers Took A Closer Look At Man’s Backpack, Realizes He Is Carrying A Fellow Mariner

John Nelson and Jonathon Blank were serving together in marine corps stationed in Afghanistan.

In 2010, the pair were on a mission when a bomb exploded. In the tragedy, Jonathon lost both his legs but by the grace of God survived. He underwent 60 surgeries and spent the next three years in recovery.

Experiencing war together bonded John and Jonathon and despite the fact they are back in the States, they still spend a lot of time together.

Ever since Jonathon moved to Utah, he wanted to go on a hike to Mount Timpanogos, one of the state’s most popular destinations.

In August 2019, John asked Jonathon if he wanted to hike Timpanogos. Jonathon, of course, was more than happy and is totally up for the adventure. But this meant John had to carry his 135-pound friend over 14 miles up the mountainside.

John and Jonathon set out on their journey. But they did not expect that it will take such an emotional turn.

Two other hikers were heading down the mountain when they a man carrying what they initially thought was a large backpack. But on taking a closer look, they were left speechless. They shared the pictures on social media which immediately went viral.

Source – little things

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Written by Anu Bansal