Hero pilot saved 89 people after the failure of front landing gear

A Myanmar pilot saved the day after his aircraft landing gear fizzled, forcing the jet into an emergency landing with no front wheels on Sunday morning, an authority said.

The nail-biting touchdown – in which no one was harmed – was the second occasion of malfunctioning flight in less than a week within the country.

The Myanmar Airlines flight UB-103 – an Embraer-190 model – was grounded at around 9 am in Mandalay (2.30am GMT), a city well known among foreign visitors, with every one of the 89 individuals on board including seven team individuals, safe.

An unverified video circulated on social media showing a graceful landing before the nose of the jet tipped over and ground to a halt.

The pilot attempted a backup emergency procedure to pull down the wheels yet that was ineffective.

The aeroplane completed two fly-bys past the tower for air controllers to check visually whether the wheels had deployed.

Take a look at the video below:

Source: Dailymail

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Written by Shashank