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Man Notices an Act of Something Extreme to a Dog, Rushes to Rescue Him

The world has many kind-hearted people who make it worth living in. At the same time, cruelty also exists in various forms on the planet. Jared Twedell could not believe his eyes when he witnessed a sadistic act committed on an innocent dog.

Source: Jared Twedell

When he noticed an animal lying on the railway tracks, he guessed it to be a deer. He thought of whilst ling at him, with an idea that it would make him leave the track.

“There are railroad tracks near the gate, and out of the corner of my eye, I caught this flicker of movement,” Twedell told The Dodo. “I thought it was a deer lying on the tracks.”

Source: Jared Twedell

But he was wrong. To his shock, it was a dog. Not just that, the dog was tied to the railway tracks. Someone had intentionally left him there for dying!

“I went into panic mode,” Twedell said. “He tried to walk toward the car and the rope pulled him back.”

Source: Jared Twedell

Twedell panicked. He knew that the train ran over the tracks three times a day. However, he had no idea when the next train would come.

He knew he must not give up.

He had no clue how much time he had to save the dog. But he jumped off the car and rushed towards the tracks.

Source: Jared Twedell

“He was obviously scared,” Twedell said. “I was worried about whether or not he would let me get close to him. I patted my leg and said, ‘Hey little buddy!’ His tail just started wagging. That’s when I knew he would be OK with me approaching him.”

Source: Jared Twedell

Twedell observed that the dog was completely exhausted due to heat. More than that, he was taken aback to learn the fact that someone had attempted extreme cruelty on the poor dog.

“The rope was tied in figure eight like you would use to tie a boat to a dock,” Twedell said. “Someone did this 100 percent on purpose. It just made me sick.”

Source: Jared Twedell

Twedell untied the dog and brought him out safely.

In no time, he was sure that the dog was going to be a new member of his family.

He brought the dog with him to his home and named him Train, but then family suggested Samson was better.

Now Samson has got a family to live with. Twedell has two other rescue dogs, cats, and a Flemish giant rabbit. Samson was welcomed with open arms by other pets in the family.

“The dogs have all been getting along great,” Twedell said. “All they’ve been doing since I brought Samson home is play.”

Source: Jared Twedell

Samson is already big to an extent for a six-months-old dog, and he is expected to grow more.

“He’s a really great dog,” Twedell said. “This little guy had someone watching over him.”

All is well that ends well. Let’s hope Samson enjoys his time in the new family.

Source: Jared Twedell

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Written by Shashank