Guy tried snapchat filter and turned in to Gine Linetti

Everyone is aware of the new Snapchat filters that can make you look like a woman or a man. You’ve possibly even had a go. You might have even had a go and now you’re feeling conflicted because of how good you look as the opposite gender…

One fella who tried it has had a bit of a different experience since he was left looking precisely like Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Take a look at this:

Source: Reddit

The image was shared on Reddit where people were bowled over by the likeness.

Quoting Gina, one person wrote: “Because he’s the living embodiment of the 100 emoji.”

Another posted: “Haha I showed this to my bf, he goes ‘oh it’s Gina’ (frowned) ‘no it’s not Gina??'”

While a third said: “Is it weird that I immediately read the caption in Gina’s voice?” Not at all, mate, you’re basically looking at a picture of Gina, after all.

Here is the original picture Gina Linetti:

Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Fox/NBC

Source: Reddit

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Written by Shashank