This guy literally gives no f**s in a serious robbery

On Wednesday, August 28, the quiet night of those enjoying a drink in a St Louis bar was shattered by a fool with a g*n.

Probably under the robber’s instruction, patrons hit the deck; stowing away under the counter and surrendering their possessions when confronted with the barrel of a rifle. However, one refined man steadfast against the gun-waving robber – the real-life of Samuel L. Jackson’s frosty cold hitman energy in Pulp Fiction’s climactic diner hold-up. Take a look at video below:

Posted by John Kimack and caught on the bar’s surveillance camera, the unidentified robber strolls in and clearly gestures for the man to join the others on the floor – but he calmly refuses. Rather, while he roams around the bar, the man – who is likewise yet to be identified– calmly lights up a cigarette. Just another night in St Louis, eh?

As indicated by Dana Wright, a journalist for KMBZ, the man of his word told the robber:‘Go ahead. Shoot me. I don’t give a f*ck.’

At the point when the robber comes to him for his possessions, the man just disregards him – it appears in the video that his breathtakingly defiant stance has the robber stumped. According to the Riverfront Times: Police are still on the lookout for the suspect in this case, who reportedly left the scene with only a couple hundred dollars – although, none of that came from the hard-as-nails customer in the video. The man’s sheer refusal to obey the cr*minal’s orders have resonated with people online, with one user calling him ‘my hero’.

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Written by Shashank